Yunbike C1
The smart city e-bike

The Yurbike CY 1 micro e-bike was designed specially for urban use. It’s small, it’s light and it’s powerful. Different styles available for both women and men, in classic colors, white and black as well as in the more individual colors red and mint green. The integrated battery pack is a unique design feature, that can also be selected in a different color to the frame, making each bike an individual!

The perfect urban e-bike

The straight frame looks simple, but is ergonomically designed and contains the latest technical features. As this e-bike is made from aluminium, it weights only 16 kg, making it easy to be transported or lifted up into your apartment. The e-bike has 20-inch tires and the size of a classic BMX bike, perfect for an urban environment. The high density lithium battery allows a long duration of continual use with only one charge. Your Yurbike will allow you to ride 75 km with one charge only, when in assistance mode. The three speed modes allow you to adapt your speed to the current traffic circumstances, if you are driving in town you can drive slowly in mode one, whereas you can go fast in mode 3 when driving on a main road.

Your e-bike as a power bank 

The lithium-ion battery of your Yunbike is not only nice to look at, but can also be used as a power bank to charge your computer or smartphone. Like this, you will never end up with an empty battery again! 

Straight frame

Designer’s choice: Black, green, white, pink

Price € 899.00

incl. 21% VAT, delivery cost on request

(Ask for our leasing offers starting at 29 EUR per month)

Technical Data

Type Electric bike
Frame material Aluminium alloy
Dimensions 1510 x 560 х 850 mm
Motor YunBike Brushless 36 V 180 W
Max speed 25 km/h
Weight 16 kg
Wheel Size 20 x 1–1/8″
Smart EUC system GPS / GPRS, Bluetooth
Load bearing capacity 120 kg
Height of the seat 850–1025 mm
Battery Samsung 36 V 5.2ah lithium battery
Charging time 2.3–3h
Brakes Formula C1
Light Front LED light
Wattage: < 200 W
Voltage 36 V
Color Red, White, Black, Mint Green
Accessories Luggage carrier