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Oto Bikes Barcelona:
Coffee Racer e-bikes

Oto Bikes Barcelona produces a wide range of unique cool vintage electric bikes, handmade and designed in Barcelona. Their speciality are high-end, coffee racer style electric bikes with massive retro looks which will make even your grandfather’s heart beat faster. The e-bikes are as retro as they get, with a nifty variation of the girder design, making everything look vintage and extremely intricate. Customers can choose from a huge list of colors and individual accessories such as your own brooks saddle, or handles and bags made from upcycled leather. 

OtoK Coffee Racer – The vintage Oto e-bike 

The bike frames are made from welded aircraft-grade aluminium and tips the scales at 23 kg. A Sturmey Archer drum brake equips the front, while the rear brakes can be V- or horseshoe-type. OtoK comes with a 250W hub motor, fed by the 36V NCM Samsung lithium-ion battery packs installed in the fake fuel tank. OtoK also brings a digital LCD cluster and all the wiring is waterproof. The bikes are also equipped with a Start and Go system which accelerates to 6 km/h without pedaling. The bike is good for 25 km/h  with a range of 40 to 60 km depending on the level of pedaling assistance. A 500W motor is also available optionally.

Just contact us for a test ride and choose your very own personal design for your unique OTO bike!

Price € 3,290.00

Ex-Factory incl. 21% VAT, plus customisation, shipping and crating

Technical Details

Type of vehicle Electric Bike
Homologation UNE-EN
Weight 25 kg
Frame Steel & CrMo steel
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Engine Rear Hub Brushless geared
Engine power 250W 36V torque 32nm
Battery Lion Samsung cells 26F
Engine option 500W 36V torque 52nm 35km/h
Battery capacity 36V 11 Ah
Range 25km/h version 70km with pedal assistance
Max. overall weight 120kg
Dimensions 192 x 85 cm