Meijs M8 Motorman

Meijs M8 Motorman:
The ultimate way to electric mobility

The M8 is a 100% electric moped! It is the perfect substitute for owning a car if you live in an urban area. It not only has extremely low operation and maintenance costs (about the same as a standard bicycle), but also allows you to commute a lot faster than with a car, as you can easily pass traffic jams and will never spend a minute waiting or searching for parking space.

The M8 electric moped and it’s origin

The M8 was designed by Ronald Meijs and is hand-assembled in Holland. This fine little machine defines the difference between driving something electrical and the true Urban Drivestyle! The best choice of materials combined with real love for design, attention to details and the finest components make cruising the M8 a true experience, both for you and all the people watching you ride away without a sound!  In order to make the M8 the “Dutch Bike” of mopeds, we design and develop cool and useful features like cargo racks and transport bags to suit all your transportation and shopping needs.

The M8 can be ordered as a legal 20/ 25 km/h lizenz-free machine (upgrade to 45 Km/h possible) or as a true 45 km/h E-Moto. The range of an M8 is 50-70 km on one charge, which in Spain costs you around 50 Cent of electricity.  You can drive the M8 (45 km/h) with your regular driving licence or a motorbike license in Spain.

Advantages of driving an electric moped

  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Absolutely sustainable driving
  • Less parking issues 
  • Only motorbike license necessary 
  • It’s so cool… 

Price € 5,950.00

Ex-Factory incl. 21% VAT, plus customisation, shipping and crating, helmet, bag holder and registration in Spain

Technical Details

Type of vehicle Electric moped (L1E)
Homologation EU (+ Norway and Switzerland)
Max. speed 45 km/h
Range 45 km/h version 50 – 65 km
Battery Lithium-Ion / 1,5 kWh
Engine Power 2 kW / 60 Nm
Recuperation Brake energy recuperation
Weight 45 kg
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes, 203 mm
Frame Steel and CrMo steel
Engine type Brushless direct-drive hubmotor
Saddle Handcrafted harness leather
Charging time 4 – 6 h
Accessories Luggage carrier