Freygeist e-bike:
the e-bike revolution

This is the most sophisticated e-bike there is on the market. The German design is sleek and elegant and yet it features the most modern technique. The motor is invisibly integrated in the rear wheel hub. It supports pedaling without making a sound and goes at a top speed of 25 km/hr and a maximum torque of 35 nm. If you turn off the engine, you will ride the Freygeist like a classic bike due to the freewheel function.

What makes Freygeist e-bike special

This e-bike has revolutionized urban e-mobility. Thinner, lighter and more aesthetic than commercial e-bikes, it enthuses people who care about the value of design and functionality. It’s slim silhouette is unique and only weighs 12 kg. The pleasure of using Freygeist rather than a regular e-bike is strengthened by the carefully selected components, from the saddle down to the specially designed pedals.

An e-bike needs power, and this power comes from a strong battery, which is hidden inside the down tube. With the smartly placed opening, replacing the battery can be done in just 5 minutes at any partner station. So you’ll be ready to drive immediately. You don’t need a gas station or a special charging station, a common household socket suffices to charge the empty battery to full in just 4 hours.

The low weight of Freygeist e-bikes ensures that you can drive with a full battery for up to 100 km. And when the battery runs empty again, just open charging socket and charge it at the nearest outlet.

Advantages of our Freygeist e-bike:

  • Noticeable e-Drive
  • Aesthetic design
  • Sophisticated solutions
  • Easy charging

Price € 3,990.00

Ex-Factory incl. 21% VAT, plus customisation, shipping and crating

Technical Details

Type of vehicle Electric moped (L1E)
Homologation EU (+ Norway and Switzerland)
Weight 12 kg
Color Elfenbein
Frame Aluminium, 48 cm / 19 Zoll
Fork Carbon, coated
Saddle height to pedal (cm) 74 cm to 94 cm
Total length (cm) 172,5 cm
Width (cm) 56 cm
Saddle height to bottom (cm) 83 cm to 103 cm
Range (km) 70 km, with optimal use up to 100 km
Motor power (Watt) 250 Watt
Max. Motor power (Watt) 500 Watt
Max. torque (nm) 35 nm
Akku capacity (wh) 337 wh
Capacity (ah) 10,2 ah
Voltage (v) 33 v
Charging time from 0% to 100% 3 to 4 hours
Power source Standard household outlet (220 volt)
Max. speed (supported) 25 km/h