EMCO Electric Scooters:
Vintage style meets modern Technique

EMCO electroroller GmbH has been active on the market since 2011 and in a short amount of time has become the market leader with over 350 dealers all over Europe. Urban Drivestyle SLU is proud to be the representative and service station for Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

Nova R 2000 e-scooter: vintage design meets modern

With the EMCO NOVA R 2000, take an aesthetic trip back to the 1960’s whilst the modern technology guides your journey into the future. The overall base tone from current popular colours, mint green or mocha, is highlighted with the shiny chrome of the mirrors, luggage rack and the aluminium handlebars.

This electric scooter is not just stylish and handsome, it’s also practical. The replaceable lithium-ion battery only weighs about 10 kg and is easy to remove and recharge in the office or at home. A fully charged battery delivers a range of approximately 50 kilometres; After just two hours of charging on a domestic socket, your scooter is ready to go again.

The large seat and wide handlebars on this electric scooter offer enough space for riders of all sizes, even with a passenger. A storage compartment under the seat and bag hook in the footwell make it easy to take even more baggage along for the ride.

Easy handling, great suitability for everyday use and very low operating costs make electric scooters an economical and ecological alternative that both you and the environment can benefit from every day.

We also offer a Classic and a Business line. Just let us know your preferences!

Advantages of electric Scooters:

  • Easy handling
  • Low operation costs
  • No vehicle tax
  • Less parking trouble
  • No ORA fees

Price € 4,690.00

Ex-Factory incl. 21% VAT, plus customisation, shipping and crating

Technical Details

Type of vehicle Electric moped
Max. speed 45 km/h
Battery Lithium-ion/1,5 kwh
Max. Range 1 Battery* bis 50 km/bis 65 km
Battery capacity double 2x 28 Ah/2x 37 Ah
max. Range 2 Batteries* up to 100km/up to 130km
Recuperation Brake energy recuperation
Weight 81kg
Weight incl. 1 Battery 91kg
Climbing power** 17%
Brakes front Hydraulic disc brake
Brakes rear Drum brake
Charging time ca. 3-4 hours
Charging time with quick charger ca. 2 hours
Engine 2000 Watt Electric motor
Accessories Luggage carrier
Controller 2.0 with Smartphone-Operation*** optional

* Depending on speed, driver’s weight, terrain and temperature
** Measured with a person of 90 kg
***Sine controller for smartphone operation: driving modes setting, charge level indicator and day meter.