Best of MOKE – The coolest urban utility e-bike EVER

Your ultimate way to  urban electric mobility

The MOKE eBike is a compact utility electric bike that is a dream to ride. With 20 inch front and rear comfort tires, a set of 2 carbon disc brakes and an ultra comfortable 2-person moped style seat, MOKE takes you plus one person or cargo from A to B in comfort and style.

The MOKE is a 100% electric moped with all the advantages of an e-bike! It is the perfect substitute for owning a car if you live in an urban area. It not only has extremely low operation and maintenance costs (about the same as a standard bicycle), but also allows you to commute a lot faster than with a car, as you can easily pass traffic jams and will never spend a minute waiting or searching for parking space.

As it is made to adapt to any urban transportation need (including 2 seat option), it is not only a perfect substitute for your car, but also for the most commonly used Mopeds and Scooters.

See the coolest pictures we took in the last 2 months into our MOKE urban e-bike project. We are now ready for production of this super unique machine and hope you enjoy the galery! 

The MOKE e-bike is a cool and iconic urban utility bike with up to 1500 W of power

The Moke features a unique and iconic headlight and fat 20 ” tires for maximum comfort and offroad driving.

The coolest urban utility e-bike ever: The MOKE bike

Helmet is not mandatory, but we also a lot cool accesoires for our MOKE e-bike, including realy great helmets and locks.

Moke going down on a steep ramp- check out the MOKE ebike

The Moke is made for rough mediterean urban areas that require a tough and solid bike. The MOKE handles great wherever you want to go.

Feel like going on a trip on the weekend? With up to 80 km of range, 150 kg of cargo allowance and offroad tires, you can hit the outskirts and enjoy a day away from the city.

190 mm wide fat wheel 20″ offroad tires combined with up to 1000 W of power will safely take you anywhere…

Even to the dunes or sandy beaches… The MOKE handles very well in soft sand and mud….

Go here to see technical details and pricing of our great new power e-bike!

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